Webinar: Caring for the Carers – 19.10.2021

Webinar. Caring for the Carers
Tuesday 19 October 2021 – 2pm to 3pm
£Free of charge

There are around 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and as many as two thirds of these people are cared for at home by their families. Without the right support for primary caregivers, dementia claims more than one life.

Join us on Tuesday 19 October where we will be joined by industry experts, Professor Dame Louise Robinson, Kathryn Layzell, Partner in the Private Client Sector at Stone King LLP and Ken Hart, Partner at Hart Greaves.

Kathryn Layzell will be sharing some legal tips for carers around putting in place arrangements for making decisions for others who lack capacity, this includes the preparation of lasting powers of attorney, applications to the Court of Protection and funding long-term care.

Ken Hart will be looking at areas of financial planning considerations which are very often overlooked by carers who are more focused on their prime responsibility of caring and maybe while concentrating making sure the one they are caring for are financially cared for themselves. Ken will also look at how to make sure credits are obtained to keep state pension up to date. He will discuss why it is important to review maximise your tax free annual allowance and consider why it might be advantage to transfer part of the annual tax free allowance to a spouse. He will also outline why it is important to look at how savings and investment are held and look at personal pension considerations.

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Professor Dame Louise Robinson

How should we better care for primary caregivers?

Professor Dame Louise Robinson is an academic GP and Professor of Primary Care and Ageing at Newcastle University. Louise leads a research programme focused on improving quality of life and quality of care for older people, especially those with dementia and is a member of the National Dementia Care Guidelines development group.

Kathryn Layzell | Partner, Stone King

Kathryn deals with all aspects of trust and estate administration including wills and tax planning matters. She is a member of Solicitors for the Elderly and has a particular interest in dealing with issues affecting older and vulnerable clients and those caring for them such as the preparation of lasting powers of attorney, applications to the Court of Protection, and funding long term care. She has regularly given seminars for carers and about local authority care funding and making applications for NHS Continuing Care funding.


Ken Hart | Partner, Hart Greaves

Ken is partner in Hart Greaves who are a chartered for of financial advisers based in Bath but with clients across the UK. Ken has ran many financial planning courses for many large institutions including Land Registry, NHS, BMW and other such businesses.

Ken has more than 35 years’ experience in helping people best manage their financial resources while grappling with life’s challenges.

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